The Buyer shall make payment for the products in full. All the funds will have to be cleared before the twentieth day of the month following the month of the date of delivery of products. The complete payment must be made to the bank account notified by us.

If the products are being delivered in instalments, then the payment for each installment has to be made seprately. Failure to pay an installment will halt the next delivery process. If the payments are made at a later date then interest would have to be paid along with the due amount.

The cost of the products will have to be paid in Indian rupees. The goods will be delivered as per the agreed terms.
Once the goods have been delivered at the prescribed location and checked by the supervisors and accepted, we will not be responsible for any faults in the products.

If any defect is found in the goods at the time of delivery, we will replace the items concerned at our own expense.
If the delivery of the goods is not accepted by the buyer due to certain reasons, then they will be kept in safe custody by us until a later date of acceptance is determined. The buyer will have to bear the extra charges incurred due to nonacceptance.